The Edge Ensemble Theatre Company


TRIFLES by Susan Glaspell

Directed by Kim Dupuis





Cinematography and Editing by David Teubner

Art Direction by Susan Sanders


Catherine Behrens as Mrs. Hale, Veda Crewe as Mrs. Peters, Peter Eisenstadter as Mr. Hale, Damien Licata as Sheriff Peters, and Scott Aronowitz as County Attorney Henderson

Available to view

May 28 - June 30

Incomplete by Daniel L. Patterson

Directed by Kim Dupuis

Cinematography and Editing by David Teubner

Art Direction by Susan Sanders


Daniel L. Patterson as Daniel L. Patterson, Damien Licata as George, Peter Eisenstadter as The Man, Catherine Behrens as The Woman, Kenzie Yelin as The Cavewoman, Tracy Messer as Male Internet Voices, Susan Sanders as Female Internet Voices

June 25 - July 31

Four staged readings

director's choice


coming in september

Fall Production


Coming in November

And in 2022

we plan to bring back

Italian American Reconciliation

by John Patrick Shanley

Directed by Kim Dupuis


Damien Licata, Mark DiPietro, Grace Johnson, Charlotte Traas, Cynthia Rodier

Dinner Theatre Performance &

Regular Performances


With sadness but out of an abundance of concern for public health, the Edge Ensemble decided to postpone our March 2020 production of "Italian American Reconciliation." Rapid developments regarding the spread of COVID-19 led the cast, crew, and board members of the Edge Ensemble to make the difficult decision to postpone.

We hope to be able to present this funny and heartwarming play in 2022. Thank you for your support, and please stay safe!

Italian American Reconciliation by John Patrick Shanley is a delightful romantic comedy, full of whimsy and wisdom.  AND, we hope to be able to bring  back our ANNUAL DINNER THEATRE fundraiser along with this lovely production which will, of course, feature an Italian style feast! We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Call 603-352-5657 or email or send a message from the "contact us" section of this website to purchase your tickets and make your menu selections.  If you have not been to one of our dinner theatre evenings before, check our current production section for details!


Huey Maximilian Bonfigliano has a problem! While he is safely divorced from his shrewish first wife, Janice, who shot his dog and even took a bead on him, he feels he cannot regain his “manhood” until he woos and wins her one more time—if only to put his broken marriage behind him once and for all. He enlists the aid of his lifelong buddy, Aldo Scalicki, a confirmed bachelor who tries, without apparent success, to convince Huey that he would be better off sticking with his new lady friend, Teresa, a usually placid young waitress whose indignation flares when she learns what Huey is up to. In a moonlit balcony scene, Aldo pleads his lovesick friend’s case and, to his astonishment, Janice capitulates—although not for long. However we do learn that her earlier abuse of Huey was intended to make him “act like a man” which, at last, he does. And, more than that, he (and the audience) become aware that, in the final essence, “the greatest—and only—success is to be able to love"—a truth which emerges delightfully from the heartwarming, wonderfully antic and always imaginatively conceived action of the play.


A fanciful, lighthearted and zestfully comic exploration of male/female relationships, and the sometimes unsettling (and very funny) complications that can ensue. An award-winning success in its initial production in Los Angeles, the play was subsequently presented by New York’s famed Manhattan Theatre Club as well. “He writes wonderful Runyonesque dialogue—a sort of gritty, downtown version of sparkling drawing-room comedy—and highly rhetorical speeches that are fun to hear, because actors love to perform them.” —The New Yorker. “Ultimately Shanley is telling us a tall tale but he does it with so much humor, so much winsome charm that it is almost irresistible.” —NY Daily News. “…bathed in the same moonlit madness that gave his Moonstruck screenplay its savor and flavor…A lovely play.” —NY Post.  (Moonstruck was released in 1988 and was nominated for six Oscars, winning for Best Original ScreenplayBest Actress (Cher), and Best Supporting Actress (Olympia Dukakis). Don't miss our delightful production of Italian American Reconciliation, directed by Kim Dupuis and featuring the spot-on acting talents of Damien Licata as Aldo Scalicki, Mark DiPietro as Huey Maximillian Bonfigliano, Grace Johnson as Teresa, Charlotte Traas as Janice, and Cynthia Rodier as Aunt May!