Our Mission: To create a resident professional theatre company based in Keene, NH, and to produce the highest caliber theatre that resonates with heart and truth, while at the same time encouraging the artistic and educational growth of our ensemble members and the community.

Our Future:  We need a dedicated performance space, and we are eagerly looking for one.  We have been awarded a $125,000 grant from an anonymous donor, and this money has been earmarked as seed money for this purpose. Won't you help us achieve our goal!

The Edge Ensemble

   Kim Dupuis

   Marla Stefflre

   Peter Eisenstadter

      Emma Seidler

      Helmut Heidl

   Jazmine Carroll

     Aaron Howland

     Daniel L. Patterson

   Damien Licata

 Mark DiPietro

    Catherine Behrens

    Scott Saxby

        Molly McMillan

   Ruby Dupuis-Morrison

 Dakota Benedetto

  Samantha DiPietro

   Katrina Spenceman

Tara Sabino-Potter

Aaron Rychwa

   Cynthia Rodier

     James Duffy

   Thomas Bernstock

    Lori Goldring

The Extended Edge

   Laura Elaine Allen

    Matthew Mcdougal

       Helaine Iris

       Don Primrose

     Lindsay Bartlett

   Susie Ericson-West

    Melody Actouka

        Allison Iris

        Scot Tolman