About Our Founding:

Our theatre company was founded by Kim Dupuis in 1990.We have been performing in the local community for 30 years and in downtown Keene, New Hampshire for the last thirteen.  Our company members, all from Keene and the surrounding areas, have participated in productions that have earned us a reputation for artistic excellence. 

About Our Name...

We strive to work on the cutting edge.​ We include edgy material in our seasons. We dare to go beyond our comfortable edges. We are inspired by the poem Come To The Edge written by Christopher Logue.

Come to the edge. We might fall. 

Come to the edge. It's too high!

And they came, and he pushed, and they flew.

About Our Mission:

To create a resident professional theatre company based in Keene, NH, and to produce the highest caliber theatre that resonates with heart and truth, while at the same time encouraging the artistic and educational growth of our ensemble members and the community.

About Our Future: 

We need a dedicated performance space, and we are eagerly looking for one.  We have been awarded a $125,000 grant from an anonymous donor, and this money has been earmarked as seed money for this purpose. Won't you help us achieve our goal!

About our ensemble

Kim Dupuis 

Founding Artistic Director, Director, Acting Ensemble

Kim holds an MFA in Acting (with a minor in directing) from the University of Florida and a BA in Psychology (with a minor in acting from Louisiana State University.  She has been directing, acting, and teaching theater classes professionally for the last 30+ years in different regions of the U.S.  Kim has directed and acted in over 90 plays over the course of her career, and she has directed and/or acted in 49 plays for the Edge.  Kim teaches acting, directing and other theater classes in her studio, Actor's Edge, and at various higher education institutions around New Hampshire.  She is the narrator and the voice of 33 different characters for the audio book, Haunted Louisiana, written by Christy Viviano. Kim has been the driving force of The Edge Ensemble Theatre Company since its inception in 1989 and throughout its years based in Keene, NH, then Atlanta, GA, and finally back again in Keene, NH in 2003.

Austin, Jon 2_edited.jpg

Jonathan Austin

Board Member, Member-at-Large, Director, Acting Ensemble

​Jon holds a BA in Theatre, an MFA in Acting, and a PhD in Theatre. He is one of the original founders of The Edge Ensemble Theatre Company. Jon is a huge fan of musical theatre, and his favorite roles have been as Tony in West Side Story and as Jesus in Godspell. In 2020, he and his wife received a grant from The Center for Latter-Day Saints Arts to write a play. He co-wrote and co-starred in that play for The Edge’s final online theatrical production of 2020, As He Is. (after Kim)

Cynthia Austin

Advisor to the Board, Director, Acting Ensemble

Cynthia holds a BA in Music Education, an MFA in Acting, and a PhD in Theatre. She is one of the original founders of The Edge Ensemble Theatre Company. She founded and ran the theatre program at Southern Virginia University. In 2020, she and her husband received a grant from The Center for Latter-Day Saints Arts to write a play. She co-wrote and co-starred in that play for The Edge’s final online theatrical production of 2020, As He Is. (after Jon)


​Scott Saxby

Resident Lighting Designer

​Saxby was introduced to the world of theatre at the ripe old age of 3, when his family moved in with his grandfather - - a costumer and makeup artist.   Scott started working with The Edge Ensemble in 1991 as Set Designer and Technical Director for Laughing Wild. He has subsequently worked on most of the Edge’s productions.  Scott has learned his art in the trenches as an amateur and professional in various productions since the early 1980s.  His credits include general technician, lighting design, set design, sound design, technical direction, and even makeup artist.

Molly McMillan

Acting Ensemble

Molly was last seen in the role of Lady Montague in the Edge production of Romeo and Juliet in the spring of 2017.  She also appeared in several other Edge productions including The Realm of the Nebulae, an original short play by Carrie Kidd, as part of Edge Café Series 2015: Love on the Edge, Auld Lang Syne, an original full-length production by Walter Lowe, The Night of the Iguan​a, The Road to Mecca, and Six Nights in the Black Belt. In addition to performing, Molly has spent some time as a producer and marketer.  Her professional acting career spans 20 years from Atlanta to New York to Keene, and she has performed in numerous commercial, film, TV and theatrical roles.

Dupuis-Morrison, Ruby 17.jpg

Ruby Dupuis-Morrison

Acting Ensemble

Ruby has been helping out behind the scenes for The Edge Ensemble since she was a toddler, and she has come to love the world of theater. Her favorite role so far was as Abigail in The Crucible.  Ruby has also performed the roles of "Clear Glass Marbles" in Talking With..., Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, Joan in Lovers and Other Strangers, Suzy in Wait Until Dark, Jill, Dawn, and Stage Hand 3 in An Evening of Ives, Dr. Dunn and Elena Austin in Edge Café 2016:  Love on the Edge, Sandrine in Almost, Maine, Lauren in Circle Mirror Transformation, Hilda in The Night of the Iquana, and The Maiden Witch in Macbeth.  Ruby is currently earning a bachelor’s degree in acting at Keene State College. 


Catherine Behrens

Board Member, Secretary, Director, Acting Ensemble

Catherine has been an active Edge member since 2008. Recently, she created the role of Mrs. Hale in The Edge's production of TRIFLES by SUSAN GLASPELL which will be available to view for free on our YouTube channel starting on May 28, 2021! ​She will also be playing the role of The Woman in our fifth online theatrical production, INCOMPLETE, which will be available to view starting on June 25, 2021! Over the years, she has beautifully created the roles of Sister Aloysius in DOUBT A PARABLE, "Lamps" in TALKING WITH ... Lucille in VAMPIRE DREAMS, Ethel in ON GOLDEN POND, Miss Daisy in DRIVING MISS DAISY, and Miss Helen in THE ROAD TO MECCA. Catherine has directed and acted in numerous Edge Cafe Staged Readings. She is also the founder of The Hourglass Readers, which performs readings of classical works in abridged versions, and she has acted in or directed all of their productions. (after Ruby)


Dakota Benedetto

Acting Ensemble

Dakota is an artist, teacher, and actor. She most recently played Phyllis and May in The Edge’s production of An Evening of David Ives, Elise in Auld Lang Syne and Doris in The Edge's 2011 production of The Owl and the Pussycat. Other credits with the Edge include the roles of "Audition" and "Dragons" in Talking With…, the Wife in Scot Tolman's original work Stand Up, and Judy Upham in Lowell William's original play, Six Nights in the Black Belt.  Dakota also appeared in director Aaron J. Wiederspahn's 2013 regionally made film, Only Daughter.

Peter E_edited.jpg

​Peter Eisenstadter

Acting Ensemble

Peter, a retired high school English teacher, was a member of Actor's Equity in the 1970's. With The Edge, he appeared most recently as Judge Randolph in A Few Good Men, Friar Lawrence in Romeo and Juliet, Reverend Danforth in The Crucible, Norman in On Golden Pond, and was also in Almost Maine, Driving Miss Daisy, Macbeth, The Road to Mecca, Seascape and Six Nights in the Black Belt.  Peter has performed with almost all of theatre companies in our region including three summers with the Peterborough Players.  He also performs occasionally with The Mavericks, a local line-dance team. 

​Samantha Rose DiPietro

Acting Ensemble

Samantha has been involved with theatre since she was 7. With the Edge, she most recently performed as JoAnne in A Few Good Men, Rosaline in Romeo and Juliet, Mary Warren in The Crucible, and Villian in Almost, Maine.  She has also performed in our readings as Clarisse in Fahrenheit 451 and “The Sleeper” in the Edgar Allan Poe Readers Theatre.  Additionally, she has worked backstage for Circle Mirror Transformation and numerous other productions. She is now attending Franklin Pierce University.

Mark DiPietro 

Board Member, President, Acting Ensemble

Mark is a writer specializing in marketing and communications. He's a former journalist who joined the Edge in 2011 as a board member, publicist and webmaster. He was most recently seen in Edge productions as Kendrick in A Few Good Men, Holes in Marked Men, Dr. Weyland in Vampire Dreams, Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet, Mike in Wait Until Dark, Al, Barry, and Stage Hand 1 in An Evening of Ives.  He performed the pivotal role of Proctor in The Crucible, Bill in On Golden Pond, and James in Circle Mirror Transformation.  He performed The Masque of the Red Death at the Edge's Edgar Allan Poe Readers Theater in 2012. He was also a narrator in the Edge's marathon reader’s theater, Fahrenheit 451. (after Sam)


Damien Licata 

Board Member, Vice President, Acting Ensemble

Damien has been acting in theatre on and off since high school.  He spent four years in NYC studying acting, auditioning, and appearing in minor productions, showcases, commercials, and very briefly on the soap “One Life to Live.” He appeared most recently in Edge productions as Jessup in A Few Good Men, "Legacy" in Marked Men, Lord Capulet in Romeo and Juliet, Frank in Lovers and Other Strangers, Roat in Wait Until Dark, Jim in Wanda’s Visit and, a few years back, as Stuart in Beyond Therapy. (after Mark)

Patterson, Dan 3.jpg

​Dan Patterson

Director, Acting Ensemble

Dan Patterson is a recently retired professor from the Theatre and Dance department at Keene State College. He has directed and acted in over 40 productions at KSC since 1978.  Dan received his BFA and MFA degrees from the University of Texas at Austin. In 1975 he co-founded the THEATREWORKS Company at the University of Colorado and the THEATREWORKS Shakespeare Festival.  Dan has acted for numerous Shakespeare Festivals around the country, and he has performed in 17 of the Bard’s works to date.  He was also awarded the Kennedy Center Medallion for his work as Chair/Host of The Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, Region I, from 2001 to 2003.  Dan is active in the Association for Theatre in Higher Education as well and has directed and acted for the new play development program at that conference. Dan has acted in and directed several productions for the Edge. 

​Cynthia Rodier

Acting Ensemble, Stage Manager

After seeing many of the Edge shows over the years as well as, recently, contributing written material and dramaturgical consulting for The Crucible and Macbeth, Cynthia officially joined the Edge Ensemble in 2016.  She most recently performed the role of Floria in Vampire Dreams, the Singer in Romeo and Juliet, Cathy in Lovers and Other Strangers, and Flo in Time Flies but it’s All in the Timing. Cynthia sings lead and back-up vocals for a local working dance band, Murphy's Blues (more Motown than Blues), and she recently celebrated her sixth year in business running The Dragonfly Shop in Keene.

James Duffy

Acting Ensemble

James is a relative newcomer to the world of theater, and he has been studying acting with Kim Dupuis at Actor's Edge Studio. With the Edge, he performed the role of Markinson in A Few Good Men, Wagoneer in Marked Men, The Prince in Romeo and Juliet, and Policeman #1 in Wait Until Dark.  Jim also worked backstage as a stage manager for Lovers and Other Strangers.

Bernstock, Thomas 3.jpg

Tom Bernstock

Acting Ensemble

Tom graduated from Curry College with a Bachelor's Degree in American Literature. Having acted in high school, he returned to acting in 2014 as a student at Actor's Edge Studio with Kim Dupuis.  His most recent roles, all in 2018, were as Weinberg in A Few Good Men, Lucky Green in Marked Men, and Kenny in Vampire Dreams. He has also performed in as Balthasar in Romeo and Juliet, Jack in An Evening of David Ives, Patrolman Two in Wait Until Dark, Mike in Lovers and Other Strangers, and What Remains and Louie the Lobster Lives in the Edge Café production of Love on the Edge.

IMG_0588 Copying_edited.jpg

Lori Goldring

Acting Ensemble

Lori Goldring is thrilled to be a member of The Edge Ensemble, and has enjoyed her work both as a set designer and as an actress.  Recently, she designed the sets for The Night of the Iquana, Almost, Maine, On Golden Pond, and The Crucible among others.  Her most recent acting roles were as "15 Minutes" in Talking With ..., Gayle in Almost, Maine, and Tituba in The Crucible.

Stefflre, Marla 2_edited.jpg

Marla Stefflre

Treasurer, Resident Stage Manager

Marla is the resident stage manager for the Edge, and has managed all of our shows since January, 2018.  She is also our Program Advertising assistant and our Baking Brigade leader. (after Lori)

Yelin, Kenzie_edited.jpg

Kenzie Yelin

Acting Ensemble

Kenzie has just recently joined the ranks of The Edge Ensemble Members.  She has a degree in Acting from Keene State College, and she has hit the ground running with three shows already under her belt. You may have seen her as Melissa in Love Letters and as several different characters in The Sherlock Holmes Radio Plays.  She is currently rehearsing in the role of Tansy in The Nerd. 

Teubner, David 1_edited_edited.jpg

David Teubner

Cinematographer, Photographer, Editor

David joined The Edge Ensemble when the Edge turned to making filmed online theatrical productions during the pandemic. He did the cinematography and editing for four online productions: Incomplete, Trifles, Spooky Tales, and The Diaries of Adam and Eve. Before the pandemic, ​David began working as our archive videographer and photographer and he has captured most of our productions ever since! When we realized that we were going to need to film our work during the pandemic, of course, we turned to David and we were delighted that he was up for the challenge. Each production required new and different filming skills and David has delivered top-notch work every time! David Teubner owns KeeneOnline.com, and he has brought his considerable expertise to The Edge to create some imaginative special effects and excellent filmmaking!

​Meet the Extended Edge Ensemble!

​Katrina Spenceman

Acting Ensemble

Katrina most recently played Theresa in The Edge's 2013 production of Circle Mirror Transformation. Previous roles with The Edge included Maxine in The Night of the Iguana and Charlotte in Beyond Therapy.  One of Katrina’s many acting credentials is that she studied the Meisner technique directly under Sanford Meisner.

Emma Seidler

Acting Ensemble

Emma was seen most recently in The Edge’s production of An Evening of Ives as The Waitress and Hazel.  She portrayed Elizabeth in The Crucible and also participated in the Edge Café’s staged readings of The Little Foxes and All My Sons. When not on stage, she wrangles adolescents professionally, which is to say that she is a middle school social studies teacher.

Aaron R_edited.jpg

Aaron Rychwa

Acting Ensemble

Aaron was last seen in Edge Productions as Romeo in Romeo and Juliet, Jack in An Evening of Ives and Billy in On Golden Pond.  He was Assistant Stage Manager for The Edge Café: Love on the Edge.  His introduction to the performing arts began through participation with New Hampshire Dance Institute and being chosen for their S.W.A.T. Team (Spirited, Willing, And Talented). He loves acting, and his other interests include playing guitar, practicing prestidigitation, mixed martial arts, and drawing.

Tara Sabino-Potter

Acting Ensemble

Tara is a native of Boston, where she first became involved in the performing arts through dance, theater, and vocal music at age 8. She fell in love with it all, and has been active both on stage and behind the scenes ever since. Tara was transplanted to New Hampshire 20 years ago, and has fueled her passion for performing through The Edge. She appeared with The Edge most recently as Ruth and Betty in Time Flies but it’s All in the Timing. She also played Chelsea in On Golden Pond and Marcia in Wanda’s Visit which was featured in Edge Café 2016: Love on the Edge.


Andrew Bosworth

Acting Ensemble

Andrew appeared most recently as Sam in The Edge’s production of Wait Until Dark.  He also appeared as Bob and The Man in Edge Café 2016: Love on the Edge, Cheever in The Crucible, and Charley in On Golden Pond. Andrew regularly attends acting classes at Actor’s Edge Studio and he has also studied at NYFA. He has performed in a minor TV role and on stage and in front of the camera for multiple agents during the last two ITS event in Miami, Florida.

Heidl, Helmut 3.jpg

Helmut Heidl

Acting Ensemble

Helmut Heidl performed in several productions for the Edge as a member of the Acting Ensemble.  He played Schultz in Circle Mirror Transformation and read Captain Beatty in the marathon read of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. 


Melody Actouka

Stage Manager

Melody Actouka was the Edge's resident stage manager for several years.  She also acted in the Edge’s production of Macbeth. 

Jazmine Carroll

Costume Designer, Acting Ensemble

Jazmine Carroll was the Edge's resident costume designer for several years.  She designed costumes for The Road to Mecca, Sylvia, Beyond Therapy, The Owl and the Pussycat, and Macbeth, and acted in Talking With … as Handler and Twirler, Beyond Therapy as Prudence, assistant stage managed Seascape and Stand Up, and stage managed The Woman in Black.

Laura Elaine Allen

Set Designer, Acting Ensemble

Laura Elaine Allen was the Edge's resident set designer for several years.  She studied Theatre at the Mississippi School of the Arts and Theatre and Literature at Bennington College.  Her set designs with The Edge Ensemble were Macbeth, Beyond Therapy, The Owl and the Pussycat, and Driving Miss Daisy.


Matt McDougal

Acting Ensemble

Matt Mcdougal was in two Edge productions (Macbeth, Beyond Therapy) during his time as a member of our acting ensemble.  Matt felt that he had positive experiences at the Edge, and that he "enjoyed every second of every moment spent in the company." Matt is currently pursuing an acting career in Chicago, Illinois.

Allison Iris

Stage Manager

Allison Iris was the resident stage manager for the Edge for a few productions.  She has always had a fondness for the performing arts, and she enjoyed learning the art of stage management through her experiences at the Edge.

Helaine Iris

Assistant Director

Helaine Iris was the assistant to the director and assistant director for Kim Dupuis in several Edge productions.  She co-directed a few productions with Kim Dupuis and Scot Tolman - Macbeth, Sylvia, and Circle Mirror Transformation.  

Aaron Howland

Acting Ensemble

Aaron Howland acted in several productions over the years as part of our acting ensemble.  His Edge performances were as the male creature from Seascape, as Bruce in Beyond Therapy, three hilarious characters: Tom, Phyllis, and Leslie in Sylvia, and Wolfgang in The Night of the Iguana.

Don Primrose

Stage Manager, Technician

For a few years, Don Primrose was the managing director and resident set designer for The Edge. He designed the sets for Talking With... (Sullivan production), Seascape, and The Road to Mecca among others. About working with The Edge, Don said that it was an honor to work with Kim Dupuis. The bar is set high, yes.  The work is demanding and exhausting, but in the end it is so rewarding.

Lindsay B_edited.jpg

Lindsay Rodger Bartlett

Acting Ensemble

Lindsay has been performing, teaching acting and dancing in the Monadnock Region for the past 20 plus years.  She has performed with the Edge most recently as Marvalyn in Almost, Maine, and as Fifteen Minutes and French Fries in Talking With..., Agnes in Agnes of God, and Rosie Snow in Cinderella Waltz.

West, Susie 3.jpg

Susie Ericson-West

Acting Ensemble

Susie began working with the Edge in their second production as The Mother Superior in Agnes of God.  Subsequently, she portrayed Lady MacDuff in Macbeth.

Scott T_edited.jpg

Scot Tolman

Director, Acting Ensemble

Scot has a BA and MFA in theatre and studied at Webber-Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London.  He began working professionally in 1988, and has acted and directed for the Edge frequently over the last 20 years.  He is the author of four plays, including Stand Up, which The Edge produced in 2008.  He played the title role in The Edge's production of Macbeth in 2010, Greg in Sylvia, The Man in Stand Up, Kipps in The Woman in Black, The Prince in Cinderella Waltz, The Man in Laughing Wild, and Frankie in Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune.  He directed Agnes of God, A Coupla White Chicks Sitting Around Talking, Waiting for Godot, and Sylvia.

In Memoriam

Vaughn West

Director, Acting Ensemble

Vaughn taught theatre and directed at Keene State College and Mt. Wachusett Community College for many, many years.  His most recent performance with the Edge was as Porter in Macbeth. He was also in one of the Edge's earliest productions, Cinderella Waltz.