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   So many ways to support The Edge!
 The Edge Ensemble Theatre Company is a 501(c) 3 tax exempt, fiscally responsible not-for-profit organization!
Host a "Happening"


What is a Happening? A Happening is a Party at your house! These happenings are so much fun, and you can have one at your house, too!  The Edge will work with you to customize a party that will entertain your guests and raise funds for our future productions.

Who Can Host a Happening?  Anyone who is willing to throw a party and invite guests to the party who are friends of the Edge or who could become friends of the Edge.  We do the entertaining and we ask that your guests make a donation to the Edge.

What happens during a Happening? Generally, the hosts provide food and drink and a home for the guests, and The Edge provides some form of entertainment.  When Gail Talbot hosted, way back in 1992, we read the hilarious comedy Beyond Therapy by Christopher Durang.  When Catherine Behrens hosted, in 2014, we performed snippets from our upcoming season.  When Beth Bergman hosted, in 2015, she held a costume party and we enacted a comical "murder mystery."

Does this idea sound like a fun Happening to you? We are really eager to have a Halloween Costume Party, you throw the party and we will perform readings and snippets of scenes from spooky stories!

Would you like to throw a party with The Edge Ensemble as your entertainment?

Call us at (603) 352-5657 or email us for details.

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