The Edge Ensemble Theatre Company


April - May 2022


The  Edge Ensemble Theatre Company’s first production of 2022 – and its seventh film – premieres on YouTube on April 29 at 7 PM and will be available for viewing through the end of May. This charming one-act play by the author of Peter Pan is directed by Kim Dupuis, with cinematography and editing by David Teubner, art direction by Susan Sanders, production assistance by Tristan Shawley, and poster design by David Teubner and Kyle Petrillo.


The cast features Damien Licata as the aristocratic Edwardian gentleman about to be made a knight, Kenzie Yelin, as the working class typist hired to answer the many congratulations he has received, and Laura Carbonneau as the soon-to-be Lady Sims. Supporting roles are filled by Wendy Almeida as the maid and John McMahon as the butler.


This play was filmed on location at the Keene Public Library, which graciously made available its Green Room for the Edwardian parlor in which the play is set. The Library and The Edge have worked together for many years, both in providing a venue for Edge productions and in creating original programs for the Library. "It's great to have partnerships that create a win-win for each organization and benefit the public," said Marti Fiske, Director of the Library. This partnership was especially significant during the pandemic. As The Edge turned to filming one-act plays to keep its art going at a time when large gatherings were not possible, it also gave organizations like the Library and the Historical Society an opportunity to show off their buildings in new ways. “The set that The Edge created for the Library's Green Room was lovely,” said Fiske. “It was so cozy and homey, all of the Library staff wanted to live in it themselves!"


The Putnam Foundation, the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, the Eppes-Jefferson Foundation, and More Than a Thrift Shop are generously supporting our productions.


This film, like The Edge’s other six online productions created during the pandemic, is being offered free of charge. But, as Founding Artistic Director Kim Dupuis emphasized, filming is very expensive, and with no box office receipts to support the production, money is very short.  Hence, donations are fervently requested.


Donations can be made by clicking on the donate button below.


To view The Twelve-Pound Look, click on the image above or search for Edge Ensemble on YouTube. It can then be viewed on your computer or on your television.


Call The Edge at 603-352-5657 for further information. Or email You may also visit the Edge’s Facebook page. 

June - July 2022

A Well-Remembered Voice
J. M. Barrie

A Well-Remembered Voice by J.M. Barrie, writer of Peter Pan, will be directed by Kim Dupuis, with cinematography and editing by David Teubner, art direction by Susan Sanders, and production assistance by Tristan Shawley. It will feature the very talented newcomer, Jackson Hogan as Dick, and ensemble member, James Duffy, as his father, Mr. Don. With great enthusiasm we welcome back Lindsay Bartlett, an ensemble member from from way back in 1990, as Mrs. Don. With great excitement we welcome back to The Edge - in her first film - Ruby Dupuis-Morrison, freshly graduated with a degree in Acting from Keene Stage College. Rounding out the cast will be ensemble member Thomas Bernstock as Mr. Rogers and fresh from The Twelve Pound Look is John McMahon as the Major. A Well-Remembered Voice is set in the living-room of Mr. and Mrs. Don. A séance is being conducted by Mrs. Don who hopes to contact her dead son’s spirit. The son, named Dick, was killed in the war and both parents are grieving. This is a moving, wishful piece of theatre. This play’s use of spiritualism as a means of contacting the dead was a popular topic and practice during the closing years of the war. Many authors incorporated it into plays and novels. Spiritual practices were attended by grieving people who lost love-ones during the war.

A Well-Remembered Voice premiered in London on June 28, 1918. It was one of three plays presented as a benefit performance for a London hospital that served wounded soldiers. We are thrilled to be bringing this rarely produced gem to our community for free on YouTube. Stay tuned for dates!

July 21-24 2022

The Edge Ensemble &

The Keene Public Library Collaborate


The Edge will present Sherlock Holmes Not According to Doyle - Four Sherlock Holmes Pastiches as radio plays. The evening will be directed by Kim Dupuis and:  Sherlock Holmes Goes West will be directed by Catherine Behrens, The Adventure of the Late Mr. Faversham will be directed by Kim Dupuis, Yes, Virginia, There is a Sherlock Holmes will be directed by Catherine Behrens, and The Unique Hamlet will be directed by newcomer Tristan Shawley. 

And in November of 2022

we will bring back our cancelled production of




by John Patrick Shanley

directed by Kim Dupuis

Huey Maximilian Bonfigliano has a problem! While he is safely divorced from his shrewish first wife, Janice, who shot his dog and even took a bead on him, he feels he cannot regain his “manhood” until he woos and wins her one more time—if only to put his broken marriage behind him once and for all. He enlists the aid of his lifelong buddy, Aldo Scalicki, a confirmed bachelor who tries, without apparent success, to convince Huey that he would be better off sticking with his new lady friend, Teresa, a usually placid young waitress whose indignation flares when she learns what Huey is up to. In a moonlit balcony scene, Aldo pleads his lovesick friend’s case and, to his astonishment, Janice capitulates—although not for long. However we do learn that her earlier abuse of Huey was intended to make him “act like a man” which, at last, he does. And, more than that, he (and the audience) become aware that, in the final essence, “the greatest—and only—success is to be able to love"—a truth which emerges delightfully from the heartwarming, wonderfully antic, and always imaginatively conceived action of the play.

A fanciful, lighthearted and zestfully comic exploration of male/female relationships, and the sometimes unsettling (and very funny) complications that can ensue. An award-winning success in its initial production in Los Angeles, the play was subsequently presented by New York’s famed Manhattan Theatre Club as well. “He writes wonderful Runyonesque dialogue—a sort of gritty, downtown version of sparkling drawing-room comedy—and highly rhetorical speeches that are fun to hear, because actors love to perform them.” —The New Yorker. “Ultimately Shanley is telling us a tall tale but he does it with so much humor, so much winsome charm that it is almost irresistible.” —NY Daily News. “…bathed in the same moonlit madness that gave his Moonstruck screenplay its savor and flavor…A lovely play.” —NY Post.  (Moonstruck was released in 1988 and was nominated for six Oscars, winning for Best Original ScreenplayBest Actress (Cher), and Best Supporting Actress (Olympia Dukakis).