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Volunteer at the Edge!

​The Edge Ensemble is looking for people who want to get involved with live theatre and are willing to make a commitment to work with us on our productions.  There are opportunities in all areas.  We need stage managers, assistant stage managers, designers, people to build things and sew things, assistants in public relations, publicity, sponsorships, box office, rehearsals, management, and more.  Experience is not required, although it is appreciated.  We enjoy training people and are good at it.  If you have a desire to express yourself in some specific way in the production of theatre, we would like to help you discover your passion and introduce you to the richness and excitement of live theatre! Getting involved with our theatre is a wonderful way to build community. If you are interested in working with us, on any level, e-mail Kim Dupuis right away, at, or call her at (603) 352-5657, or you can send her an email via our "contact us via email" page.  We are eager to speak with you about how you can help the Edge and how the Edge can help you!​​​​​​​​​

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